Kirsty Allsopp recently sent shockwaves through the media by saying washing machines in kitchens is disgusting. She certainly ruffled a lot of feathers with people remarking how ‘out of touch’ she is with the living conditions of much of the British public. Apparently, her reasoning behind this distaste was washing dirty clothes in the same vicinity as preparing food…but not everyone lucky enough to have a separate space for their white goods.

So whether you are one of the lucky homes with a utility room or everything is housed in your kitchen, how do you stop them from looking like a dumping ground for soggy football socks or stripped-off uniform?

The ladies at Little Red Interiors have some tips…

You can purchase really sophisticated and smart household accessories now that don’t need to be plastic or garish. Organisation is now a wonderful opportunity to optimise the style in your kitchen and utility.

Think of a palette of natural colours and materials where possible – a sure-fire scandi hallmark – such as our chic wooden zig zag dryer, two-tone round basket (perfect for hiding those piles of laundry) and enamel ‘washing up tidy’ storage organisers. It’s this mix of beautiful soft tones and natural materials that will make any utility a place of calm and tranquillity, rather than mess and chaos!

Washing Up Tidy in Chalk

Think about your colour scheme when it comes to your white goods too. White goods don’t need to be white. Look for designs in grey, cream, pale blue and other pastel colours. If your white goods aren’t as pretty as you’d hope, or you have some open shelving at floor height in your utility or kitchen, hide with some beautiful fabric in your chosen palette.

Here at Little Red Interiors we love modern country kitchens that have a hint of days gone by, like your Nan’s kitchen – homely and welcoming but with a modern twist. You can add colour, texture and pattern using beautiful fabrics for blinds, tablecloths and even tea towels. The trusty Tea towel doesn’t need to be the waffly, fluffy variety that you can pick up in the supermarket. Our Plum and Ashby charcoal stripe tea towels add real sophistication to any utility or kitchen.

Zig Zag Dryer

You can add colour, texture and pattern with beautiful fabrics for blinds, tablecloths and even tea towels.

It helps to keep your kitchen and utility clutter free and have a dedicated space for things: drawers, files or organisers for bills and letters and a smart cork board for notices and thank you cards and invitations are a must. However, don’t be afraid to have open shelving in a kitchen or utility.

Put your ‘pantry’ on show. Everyday items like pasta, flour, muesli and spices look gorgeous in glass storage jars. Enamel tins in charcoals, chalks and pastels serve the same purpose and look beautiful whilst keeping essentials within easy reach. Additionally, if you have small children in the home, you can keep dangerous products in a lockable cupboard or a storage tin kept at a height. Our quirky first aid tin is a perfect example of a great way to add sophistication and fun to your space whilst maximising practicality.

With your kitchen and utility looking so good, Ms. Allsopp will find it very hard to complain!


If you love sophisticated british designs or the more contemptary scandinavian simplicity and your home is in need of some love for all of the family to enjoy, then head over to Little Red Interiors today!

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