Not a fan of blinds or dated net curtains? Don’t want to keep your curtains closed all day long, blocking out that much needed natural light? Do you have windows in need of some extra privacy, but not sure what the alternative is?

Well here is the answer! Window film.

Window film is an excellent way of introducing subtle decoration on windows and glazed doors, the films also provide added security to your home by obscuring the view of your rooms to the outside.

It also offers other advantages; In hot weather it cuts down heat within the home, which can reduce attempts to call down the house. Perfect for conservatory’s or bedroom’s enabling a more restful sleep rather battle the stuffiness and warmth trapped in your bedroom.

By reverse, in cold weather, it reflects interior heat back into the house, reducing heating costs.

Still reading? Wondering if you need a professional? Think again – The window film company not only offers a varied selection of designs and styles to suit any home, but they are willing to share their step by step guide to applying their films to any window or door.

Installation is a simple DIY project that anyone can undertake, and to ensure professional results every film delivery includes a detailed set of instructions, along with a handy plastic squeegee to aid installation.



Card over the design using the squeegee supplied to increase the bond between the application tape and the [frostbite] film. Pull off the backing sheet whilst checking all the elements of the design come off the backing sheet and stay on the application tape.





Spray the film so it is entirely covered with the soapy water.





Before beginning installation, ensure your glass is as clean as possible. Next spray the entire pane with the soapy water before applying the film.



Take the film to the window, making sure you keep it taut, allow the film to flow onto the glass and slide into position.




Spray the back of the film before squeegeeing over it with the plastic card supplied with your order.



Work from the top pushing any bubbles out to the edges whilst ensuring the film doesn’t move, you can repeat this process again to ensure all water is removed. Then leave to dry for 24 hours.




After 24 hours, spray the application tape lightly and leave to soak for 5 minutes. Slowly peel off the application tape, this will reveal the design.




Finally wipe off any remaining water from the film and the frame being especially careful around the edges of any cut outs not to lift the film.



All you need to order is is to know the sizes of the area you wish to cover. The frosted film patterns are then computer cutting ensuring you receive made to measure film. Head over to The Window Film Company to browse their designs and styles.