If you love your greys and muted tone’s inside your home, then why not add a splash of colour to your front door to make your entry more welcoming and stand out from the crowd.

Your front door is the first thing guests will see and notice about your home. It’s also where many home-owners often feel they can be a little wilder with their colour choices.

So why not give the face of your home a makeover too? We have picked the best of the best to ensure your Front door lets your personality shine.

Royal Red

A bright red door sends a nod to the ageing pillar box red of Post & telephone boxes of yester-year while holding their own against any brick or stone build.

A red front door may seem rather dramatic when you’re looking at paint swatches, but don’t fear it. Red is such a popular way to add interest to a neutral exterior that it’s now considered a classic choice.
Editors Pick: On Parade from Albany Coronation

Yummy Yellow

If you would like a statement front door, a vibrant colour like yellow can create a stunning entrance to your home even on a grey, rainy English day. Yellow is the most luminous of all the colours in the spectrum, its the colour that captures the attention more than any other.

You just can’t sustain a bad mood in the presence of a bright yellow door.

Editors Pick: Trumpet from Little Greene 

Ornate Orange

The colour orange is associated with vibrant energy, and is engaging. It’s a polarising colour, therefore people either love it or hate it. For that reason, orange can be hard to pull off — but pairing it with a cool grey exterior keeps the mood balanced and bright.
Its certainly a striking one!
Editors Pick: Fox Tail from Albany Coronation

Palatial Purple

Non-traditional colours can trigger an emotional response, this can be used to your advantage in making your home feel more approachable. A purple door adds just enough whimsy to put visitors at ease.
Meanwhile, a rich purple can give your home a modern feel and really turn heads.
Stepping away from the norm, is what you will do if you choose this colour, celebrating your bold individuality.
Editors Pick: Ultra Violet from Mythic

Gleeful Green

The colour you choose for your front door can enhance the aesthetic of your home and complement the exterior of your whole house.

Choosing a colour such as sage that takes inspiration from natural palettes can blend beautifully with the surrounding greenery of the outdoors.

According to Feng Shui principles, you can’t go wrong with green, the colour of balance and renewal. Don’t worry that it will blend in with your landscaping—using green can actually draw out the different shades that are found naturally in your garden.

Editors Pick: Retro Jade from Designers Guild

Perfect Pink

You might think coral pink would be a tough colour to pull off, but it looks right at home paired with a pale cream brick. A pinkish-orange is a good companion for any neutral siding colour.
Editors Pick: Coral Rose from Albany

Glorious Grey

For the not so bold and adventurous then grey’s are the hue for you. Grey’s can be very sophisticated while still turning heads so you needn’t head down to your trusty DIY store and grab the nearest yellow after all.

Editors Pick: Down Pipe from Farrow & Ball