Are your kitchen wooden worktops looking a little chipped and marked? Are you thinking about replacing or reviving them? Why not try sanding them down. This DIY process can give your worktops and kitchen a whole new lease of life.

The effort you will need to put into sanding down your worktops will depend on when they were last treated and how badly they are chipped or damaged, but most can be fully restored with very minimal effort.

To start, give the worktops a light sand using an electric sander. If you fear the electric sander you could also complete this process with a strong hand and plenty of patience using a piece of sand paper.

Start by choosing a sand paper with a coarse grade such as 80gsm and then go over again with a finer grade, for example, 120gsm. Work in the same direction as the grain of the wood and if you’re hand sanding use a sanding block to ensure you get a flat finish. Once you’ve finished, give it a quick clean with white spirit or even a tack cloth – a special cloth that decorators use to collect dust.

Next, using a lint-free cloth, oil the worktop with your choice of oil. Be sure to choose one that best suits your type of wood. If you aren’t sure, do a test patch on the underside of the worktop before starting.

You could even change the look of the worktop by using a stained oil. Once you’ve applied the first coat, leave the oil to dry and then apply a second and possibly third coat depending on how it looks and the need of the wood.

Voila, fully restored wooden worktops for your kitchen!

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