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5 Top tips for a family friendly kitchen


So when you’re creating your brand new Kitchen you’ll want your kitchen to be both stylish and practical. A Place the whole family can enjoy. The appliances you pick can make a huge difference to its family-friendly appeal, so here are seven key considerations when it comes to choosing appliances for your new kitchen

1. The Feeder

Probably the most important appliance of the Kitchen range. Frequent, family cooking means you’ll want a large, hard-working fan oven, that is safe for little curious hands. A good oven should last at least a decade, so you will want to pick one that works for your cooking needs while not looking dated before it hits its expiry date.

Bosch HBA83B150B Built-in Single Pyrolytic

If you really hate cleaning out your oven (who doesn’t) then you will love the incredible Pyrolytic technology of self-cleaning ovens. Simply put into cleaning mode and the oven will heat to an intense 480°, turning all grease and spilt food to ash, so all you need to do is simply sweep it away. God send!

If you have the space, consider positioning at eye level. This will help keep those little curious hands away from the hot surface.

2. The Time Saver’s

We all know that family life is hectic and no one has time to waste on boring chores, so your appliances should work quickly and efficiently to speed things up.

BEKO Xpress Washer

Need clean school gym kit in a hurry? There are washing machines out there that can cut washing time down to an amazing 14 minutes!. The Beko Xpress Machine has a super short cycle lasting only 14 minutes for up to 2Kg. Perfect for those washing emergencies. For the less immediate cleans it has a 28 minute Xpress Cycle also! Or why not choose a washer-dryer combo.

For quick dinners, an induction hob is a rapid, energy-efficient way to cook as it focuses heat only on the base of the pan. And the sleek design means a quick wipe and its clean.

3. The Ice Breaker

Kids often get dehydrated and forget to drink enough water – or fill up with too many sugary drinks.

Siemens KS36WPI30 Free Standing

Solve the problem straight away by choosing a fridge-freezer with a plumbed-in cold water and ice dispenser. Everyone will be able to enjoy chilled drinks at the touch of a button and it makes summer entertaining a doddle too.

4. The Multi Tasker

Need to cook two meals at once? Then split & Cook ovens are the choice for you allowing you to cook different foods at different temperatures at the same time, with no transfer of flavours.

BEKO Select CFMD7852X

Or are you in need of extra freezer space? Then try a multi zone fridge freezer which has a section that can switch between fridge or freezer – amazing!

5. The Space Saver’s

Space is at a premium in most family homes, so streamlining & storage is vital. A dishwasher is essential for busy families, and there’s no need to miss out because your kitchen is too small when a slimline version measures only 45cm across.

Another space-saving solution is to invest in a washer dryer rather than two separate machines. Choose from freestanding or integrated versions.

With so many people, especially children, affected by allergies like asthma and eczema, it’s important to keep your home environment clear of known triggers like damp, dust mites and pet hair.

Samsung 7kg Washer Dryer Combo

Dogs and cats can shed hair, but fear not there is help out there with selected washing machines having a special pet hair function which adds a pre-wash and extra rinsing step to the cycle.

A top tip is to tumble-dry your towels and bedding instead of drying outdoors, as this prevents them picking up a host of pollens. Even air-drying indoors increases the moisture levels which could potentially trigger an asthma attack.


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